Bed Sheet Color Trends 2022

Bed Sheet Color Trends 2022

A good night’s sleep begins with a comfortable mattress and soft, breathable bed sheets. The physical sensations of being curled between the blankets with the lights turned out are undeniably important, but the appearance of your bedroom is as important.

If you want to change the color palette of your room, bedding is a fantastic place to start. After all, your bed is the focal point of the room. Continue reading for a list of the greatest sheet colors, as well as bed sheet ideas, professional style suggestions, and other helpful tidbits.

White Sheets

White is widely regarded as the finest color for bedding. It’s classic, ageless, and eternally adaptable, providing year-round lightness and a relaxed atmosphere. In the summer, choose a white linen sheet set and combine it with a white or off-white duvet cover.

When the temperature cools, try contrasting your winter whites with grey, green, or charcoal. All of that being said, there’s nothing wrong with an all-white bedroom in any season. Whether you favor the conventional attractiveness of a top sheet or prefer sleeping with merely a fitted sheet, varied textures, materials, and finishes may give dimension and intrigue.

Grey Sheets

Grey is contemporary, adaptable, and gender-neutral. It’s also one of Pantone’s Colors of the Year for 2021. Despite the fact that the color is popular, grey bedding will not go out of style.

Grey sateen sheets, in particular, have a silky-smooth, almost silvery shine and exude a sophisticated, modern atmosphere. Light or medium grey sheets with a white comforter are ideal for summer, while a black duvet is appropriate for winter.

Sand Sheets

Sand-colored bedding is perfectly neutral and may provide a lavish or laid-back vibe depending on your style strategy. Naturally, the color of sand varies.

It might be almost white, yellowish, grey, brown, or black. But, in general, it’s a warmish-beige color. Consider a sand percale sheet set paired with a warm duvet color such as clay or sienna.

Off-White Sheets

Off-white is the finest color for bedding for individuals who like light sheets but do not want pure white. The calm beige color may be dressed up with silky sateen bedding or down with a bone linen sheet set.

Off-white goes nicely with other shades of white, such as stark white and ivory, as well as black, grey, brown, green, navy, and other dark hues. Off-white bedding complements almost every wood tone, providing you a variety of alternatives for your bed frame, headboard, and nightstands.

Taupe Sheets

Taupe in darker tones is greyish-brown, whereas taupe in lighter shades is greyish-beige (aka greige). This paired-down tone is the right blend of simple and classy, whether you opt with easy-breezy fawn linen sheets or a putty percale sheet set. In terms of adaptability, it’s also one of the greatest colors for bedding.

Blush Sheets

Blush (also known as millennial pink) is a surprisingly neutral color that works well in minimalist adult bedrooms, modern guest rooms, and children’s and adolescent quarters. The crisp, matte surface of percale sheets complements this rose light color. You may chill it down with contrasting grey pieces or warm it up with clay or sienna.

Charcoal Sheets

Charcoal is one of the better selections if you enjoy the appearance of dark bedding. This greyish-black shade, sometimes known as slate, has a particularly stylish appeal in bedrooms. For a more metallic, gunmetal feel, use cool and crisp percale sheets in slate or sateen bedding

Dark Blue Sheets

Dark blue (also known as dusk) is an excellent bed sheet color for any season, but the deep chilly tone has definite winter undertones. Dusk-colored linen sheets and shams are also a popular choice for a farmhouse design concept, providing a rustic feel without losing sophistication.

Printed Sheets

When you can’t determine which color sheets to purchase, a printed set may be the best option. Shopping for new linens is an excellent opportunity to incorporate a pattern into your bedroom design. They’ll provide intrigue and a lively atmosphere without being excessively cluttered because the material will be mainly hidden under your duvet.

Seafoam Sheets

Seafoam (shore) is a super-soft bluish-green with grey undertones. It’s earthy but fresh, and it can be used all year, making it an excellent choice for guest rooms.

In the spring and summer, shore-colored linen sheets look great against white. Add a few dark wood furniture or a duvet in a darker hue, such as charcoal or navy, to your winter d├ęcor concept.

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