1) Invest in multi-purpose furniture

Make the most of the space you have available by investing in furniture that serves two purposes. You can have multipurpose furniture in any room of your house, from the bedroom to the living room.
*Think of a bed that serves two purposes and can be folded into a sofa when not in use.
*Purchase a coffee table that serves as a bookshelf.
*Utilize a hollow ottoman to house tiny items.
Regardless of the furniture you choose, make sure it is functional and suitable for the room.

2) Ditch the edges

Go curved rather than having furniture that is end to end. Since most flats are rectangular, adding curves will leave a lot of free space in the corners, giving the impression that the apartment is larger. Consider curved sofa sets, curved chairs, or round coffee tables. Add carpets with curved edges or those
with spirals and dots on them.

3) Go vertical with storage

Going vertical with storage is the greatest method to make use of available space. Tall, narrow storage units not only offer a lot of storage space, but they also give the space a cleaner, more open appearance. One excellent choice that also works well as a room divider between the living room and bedroom is a huge entertainment center that stretches from the ceiling to the floor. On either side of the entryway, you can also place two vertical bookcases or almirahs, or you can have furniture that is foldable for flexible use.


4) Play with curtains

You do not need to use those commonplace curtains. Natural-colored drapes with simple patterns enlarge your room. Curtains can behang outside the window or from floor to ceiling to add height. If you’d rather keep the curtain rod hidden, you could also have them flow from a cornice.

5) Add depth with layers

Layering is not just for vast spaces, as you might have assumed. Your little flat can gain the necessary depth by adding layers. To give your bedroom depth, layer your bedding with blankets and add numerous pillows and cushions. It’s crucial to remember that layering also involves creating contrast, so it’s not just about stacking one design element on top of another. Choose items with a range of textures, patterns, and materials.

6) Use lucite tables and chairs

Lucite tables or chairs provide the impression of spaciousness and openness while still being totally practical. Similar functions are also carried out by tables with transparent glass tops. To avoid making the room appear smaller, it is preferable to use clear glass tops rather than dark glass.

Wall Macrame

7) Choose a light color palette

It goes without saying that lighter colors tend to make a place feel airier and larger while darker hues tend to make space look smaller. Try to maintain the interior lighting’s shade. Focus on using lighter, brighter tones when choosing your palette, and then add a contrasting color to make things aesthetically intriguing.

8) Use lights creatively

The simplest method to create a cozy, roomy feeling in a home is to add more lighting. To add interest and give a sense of spaciousness, place numerous lights in various rooms of the house. To give the house a cozy glow, utilize white led lights and several lamps throughout.

9) Give life to all the ‘dead spaces’

Find all the areas in your apartment that aren’t being used to their full potential by taking a good look around. Challenge yourself to rethink empty spaces to your advantage, from disused corners to blank walls, from balconies to staircases. The stairs can be transformed into multi-level storage containers, or you can buy a corner storage unit to use as your home bar. When storing summer or winter apparel, use the upper shelves of the cabinet. There is no restriction on how you can use each and every one of your home’s “dead spots.”

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